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Framestore CEO William Sargent reveals how to lead a creative business

Neil Bennett | May 26, 2014
It's always interesting when you hear heads of leading creative firms talk about their business purely in the terms of it being, well, a business.

"A lot has to do with creative culture that's there already — with people willing to take risks — [but it's also because] rents were cheap. No one put a billion dollars into [Soho], it grew organically."

The future of Framestore
William is candid in admitting that there's a question he's "struggled to get a grip on the last few years, what's the long-term vision [of Framestore]?"

As a businessman he's cautious about allocating resources to projects that aren't funded by clients, but might lead to cutting-edge work in the future — but he know's there essential to driving the business forward. For him, the decision is who give scope to work on such projects and who to restrict to those that derive direct revenue.

"I give the software guys more latitude as they are developing in areas that are new to us," he says. "We understand filmmaking, We don't understand things like Oculus."


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