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News mobile advertising expenditure ranked highest in APAC: Millennial Media

Zafirah Salim | July 9, 2014
Videos are the top mobile advertising trend this quarter.

The Asia Pacific region had twelve verticals showing strong year-over-year growth in mobile advertising spending, but the News sector ranked the highest at a whopping 529 percent.

Following that is the Education sector in second place at 395 percent, while Real Estate sector came in third at 383 percent.

This is according to a 2014 Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.) report released by mobile advertising company Millennial Media. Analysing campaigns that ran on Millennial Media's platform in Q1 2014, the report delivered insights on key advertising trends, post-click actions, top brand verticals, and consumer engagement goals.

With regards to mobile advertising trends, the report highlighted that 23 percent of campaigns involved watching videos, a double digit growth as compared to the same quarter last year. Advertisers feel that this is an effective method as it is able to not just reach, but also engage their target audience through sight and sound, the company said in a media statement.

Another notable trend is "Drive to Social Media actions", which was utilised in 8 percent of all campaigns. Entertainment advertisers frequently leverage social media actions to drive consumers to a social site and see what other people are saying about a movie, and create buzz in order to entice ticket purchases.

In addition, the majority of campaigns analysed aimed to drive site and mobile traffic (34 percent), while a remaining 23 percent stated brand awareness and engagement as their primary goal.

Focusing on the telecommunications sector, the report found out that advertisers in this industry often target Home Buyers as this group may need to set up cable and internet services in their new home. That said, they often target this audience with sign-up promotions to encourage new subscriptions. It is also interesting to note that their least targeted group - college students - could have similar needs as they move into new apartments at the start of a school year.

Music and Entertainment Fans, and Gamers came in second and third respectively. Mobile users downloading and consuming a lot of digital content need strong signals and high bandwidth to do so seamlessly. Landline and cable companies target this audience to promote their network speed and reliability to entice consumers to switch providers.

Among these telco advertisers, more than half (63 percent) of them are Mobile Carriers and Plans brands, such as major mobile phone networks which provider cellular service to consumers. This explains why majority of them often ran mobile campaigns promoting new network plans and sales to drive consumer awareness. Other telco advertisers include landline and cable companies (24 percent) and mobile devices and accessories (13 percent).


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