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How agile saved ITV millions

Charlotte Jee | May 30, 2014
ITV has moved from physical tapes to digital files at a fraction of the cost quoted by consultants thanks to agile methods, according to ITV Online CTO Paul Clark.

He added: "If you can't hit the target, cut the scope. If you only ever design what the business absolutely needs then there's no waste: it's lean."

Clark emphasised the importance of transparency when implementing agile projects, and added that it helps ensure executive sponsorship of your project.

He said: "Transparency is critical. Report back regularly with both successes and failures, which generates trust. Agile is not a panacea. Things will go wrong. But if you have transparency your stakeholders can see what you're doing, and they will be supportive.

"Agile doesn't respond well to questions of what is it when will I get it and how much does it cost. Instead it gives you variablespeople are used to nice board packs with release plans going over a number of years. That's fine and sometimes it works but often it isn't based on any hard data, so in reality it's a best guess."

He added: "Just ask for some money for a few months, then come back and show them what you've done. The only way to build trust is delivery and transparency."


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