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Google I/O 2014: What to expect including Android, Nexus, Glass and more

Chris Martin | June 12, 2014
We round up the possible announcement for Google I/O 2014 including new Android, Android Wear, new Nexus smartphones and tablets, Android Silver, Google Glass and more.

Nexus 5 2014

Google shook the smartphone market with the Nexus 5, offering a flagship smartphone at a very mid-range £299 price. It was a great phone when it launched and is still one of the best value deals around today.While a 2014 model of the Nexus 5 is expected (the Nexus 6?), it looks like Google will wait until Autumn to launch it so it's unlikely to make an appearance at Google I/O.

Android Wear/Nexus Smartwatch

Google has already announced Android Wear but we're pretty sure that we're going to hear much more about it at Google I/O. See also: Google Gem smartwatch specs leaked: Set to team up with LG.

Android Wear is a version of the mobile OS specifically made for wearable devices like smartwatches. The firm is likely to show-off the platform to developers, explaining the features and benefits.

Hopefully we'll get live demos and more details on upcoming devices which will run on Android Wear. After all, the LG G Watch (below) which will be the first Android Wear smartwatch is due to launch in July. We could even see a Nexus smartwatch.

Android TV

After launching the Chromecast, another possibility for Google I/O is Android TV. Leaked screenshots show Google TV as an interface rather than a computing platform but it will still be taking on the likes of Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

The Verge reported that Google TV is 'about to launch' and that the firm is in talks with partners for launch apps. Gigaom reports, according to multiple sources familiar with Google's plans, that Google TV will be announced at Google I/O.

Android in the car

The technology is often about keeping up with the Jones' and with the launch of Apple's CarPlay, Google I/O could well be a platform for the firm to discuss plans for an Android rival. Google has already partnered with car makers including Audi, Honda and Hyundai so we expect to hear more on the subject at the event.

Android Silver

You might not have even heard of it yet, but Android Silver is one of the less likely announcements for Google I/O - the firm hasn't even confirmed its existence yet. However, there are still a number of details floating around regarding it.

It's thought that Android Silver is thought to be a set of standards which Google will set for devices, similar to Intel and Ultrabooks. Smartphones and tablets which meet the requirements will get the Android Silver classification.

It's unclear whether, if this does go ahead, Google will stop doing Nexus devices. It may even make Nexus devices with the Android Silver brand. Whether we get any information on Android Silver at Google I/O is up in the air but it seems unlikely to us. Google is rumoured to be launching it next year.


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