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Computerworld Singapore Customer Care Awards 2014: Three Cheers for Customer Excellence

FY Teng | June 12, 2014
Sixteen of the nation's best ICT solution providers were feted at the Loof Rooftop Bar Singapore for being Number One in customer service, support and ultimate care delivery in 2014.

"The respondents to our detailed evaluation questionnaire this year have been especially vocal about the level of customer care they've received. Aside from rating their solution providers in every aspect of customer service delivery, they have shared very specific stories of customer service excellence they have experienced in the past 12 months. Clearly, given the increasing pressure they're under today to derive the most value for the least spent on ICT resources, they have been watching closely what additional value every tech vendor brings to their relationships," said Mark Hobson, CEO of Executive Networks Media, the publisher of Computerworld Singapore. "That fact alone says a lot for the commitment and achievement of every single winner in this year's Customer Care Awards programme. We commend them on a job well done."

About the Customer Care Awards 2014
In the first quarter of 2014, as in the previous six years, more than 3,000 of Singapore's most progressive information executives were invited to participate in the exercise of rating, on the scale of 0 to 10, the performance of their ICT solution providers and partners in delivery of services at every stage of a given technology deployment-running from early stage consulting through complete implementation, user testing, and continual maintenance, support and process enhancement.

The respondents chose their ICT solution providers and rated their level of satisfaction with the customer care they received during the implementation and post implementation periods, specifically in the following areas.

During Implementation
1) The planning and design of the implementation process, particularly as it incorporated the needs of the customer organisation.
2) How closely the implementation project ran to schedule.
3) How well the implementation project costs stayed within budget.
4) How knowledgeable and helpful staff provided by the ICT solution provider/third-party partner were during the implementation.
5) The coverage and standard of user training provided during implementation.

After Implementation
1) How promptly and well the ICT solution provider/third-party partner responds to questions or requests for information.
2) How promptly and well the ICT solution provider/third-party partner responds to calls for help when problems occur. Service level agreements are taken into account here, as are problem resolution times.
3) The overall impression that the ICT solution provider/third-party partner gives its customer after implementation-essentially, the question is: How well does it make its customers feel like valued customers.

Respondents also indicated whether they would recommend each ICT solution provider they evaluated to a colleague or peer based on the customer care they had received, and if they had any other insights to share on their experience with each ICT solution provider.

All the responses were gathered, analysed and audited by regional market analyst house Executive Networks Research-which is the research arm of Executive Networks Media, the publisher of Computerworld Singapore-for the highest accuracy of results possible. The ICT vendors with the highest scores across all evaluation areas in their respective categories won and entered the annals of Computerworld Singapore's CCA history.


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