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Apple iTV release date, specs & rumours: is an Apple Television coming?

Ashleigh Allsopp | May 22, 2014
What the world is saying (making up) about the much-rumoured Apple iTV super television.

Draper hasn't strayed too far from the too-obvious-to-be-true: "Obviously it's very visually similar to the Thunderbolt or Cinema display, but trying to put myself in the shoes of Jony Ive I've made the stand shorter, wider to make the user more trusting that it can support the weight, and less angled. I figured users don't care about the distance from a wall required by a monitor stand."

The Motley Fool website also got a designer to dream up what an Apple TV would look like.

But our favourite iTV pictures so far come from designer Martin Hajek, who has come up with a couple of different concept images including the one at the very top of this article, and also the image below.

iTV rumours: What features will the Apple Television have?

Apparently the iTV will have a built-in iSight camera for making free FaceTime video calls; AirPlay; and Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant that first arrived with the iPhone 4S.

It's also thought that the Apple Television will have a 4K or UltraHD display.

Following a trip to Computex in Taipei and meetings with unnamed tech supply chain sources, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White offered a few insights about the forthcoming Apple-branded television set.

The device will feature motion-detection technology like the Xbox Kinect (Apple has purchased Primesense, which is the company behind the original Kinect, so this is certainly possible), and a touch-screen remote, he said.

"The data points during our trip indicate Apple will use a special type of motion detection technology on future full blown Apple TV," said White.

"Also, our contacts indicate a unique remote control with a touch panel form factor that looks similar to the iPad would be used to control the device. The bezel is expected to be a plastic composition, rather than the aluminium unibody exterior that surrounds the MacBook Air."

A 2013 patent describes "a sound system that could be launched as part of its iTV. The intelligent system could determine where a user is in a room, and if he or she was not within the optimum range, the processor could modify the audio output, says the application. It could also adjust based on which way the user is facing, and the environment that the user is in."

There's little doubt that Apple TV will use some version of iOS as its operating system, and employ the power of an A7 processor. It will interact seemlessly with Apple's other iOS products, iPhone and iPad, naturally - or maybe even supernaturally.

And, like those products, it will have apps - millions of them, operated by the remote or the iPhone/iPad. And a hell of a lot of those apps will be games, for sure - pushing out the likes of Sony's PlayStation, Nintendo's Wii and, Steve Jobs laughs manically from his grave, Microsoft's Xbox that stole Halo from the Mac.


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