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6 E3 'Day Zero' revelations guaranteed to make PC gamers smile

Brad Chacos | June 11, 2014
E3, the gargantuan annual orgy of gaming excess, has barely kicked off--heck, as I'm writing this it hasn't officially kicked off yet--and it's already got my PC gamer heart more aflutter than it's been for any E3 in recent memory.

Catch all the details about the Alpha console and why Alienware thinks SteamOS is a vital development for PC gaming overall here.

3. Indie games rising

Sony and Microsoft's events each highlighted a slew of indie games, as the companies continue their attempts to lure small developers to consoles. All the attention can only mean good things for PCs, the traditional home for indie games. Even games that begin life as console exclusives — like Fez — often wind up migrating to PCs.

While E3 is a breeding ground for blockbusters, indie games have a growing (though still comparatively small) presence tied to the show. Just like last year, IndieCade will have an E3 booth showcasing a slew of games from small developers, while an online event dubbed indiE3 is currently taking place in the digital world to coincide with the Big Show. Both are saturated with PC-gaming goodness.

4. The Sims 4

Okay, okay, The Sims might not hold a place of honor with hardcore PC gamers I'm not going to buy it — but there's no doubt that the series is a casual-gaming juggernaut, and it's making its return this fall. What's more, the PC version of the game was prominently crowed about during EA's glitzy press event. The big draw this time is that the Sims have "heart" and emotion, which you can customize to your own heart's content. And that, in the gameplay demo, one Sim laughed so hard he died.

Tell your friends and neighbors. Who knows? Luring them in with the Sims could make them PC gamers for life.

5. Just the tip of the iceberg

Not to beat a dead horse, but did I mention that E3 has barely gotten started? These were just announcements from the Day Zero events — traditionally a day skewed toward consoles, to boot. PC gaming stalwarts like CCP, Devolver, Obsidian, Paradox, Blizzard, Wargaming, Deep Silver, Frontier Developments, and 2K Games all have a presence at the show, and PCWorld will be visiting them all over the coming days.

On the hardware front, companies like Nvidia, AMD, the aforementioned Alienware, SteelSeries, Oculus, and Razer will be flying the PC flag. Heck, Razer already is, and Alienware will have several Alpha consoles set up for people to play.

None of those companies played a big role on Day Zero — but they're at the show proper. Stay tuned.

6. Grim Fandango

A Grim Fandango remake was announced at E3. Grim. Fandango. If any announcement proves that PC gaming is no joke at E3, it's the resuscitation of Tim Schafer's stylized comedic adventure through the Land of the Dead. Grim Fandango is a PC gaming classic; a PC gaming icon. Alas, it has officially been announced only for the PlayStation thus far. If this remake doesn't land on the PC once again, it'll be an outright crime.


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