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WWDC 2014 Apple event: iOS 8, OS X 10.10 coming, new Macs, iWatch, iPhone 6 possible

Ashleigh Allsopp | May 27, 2014
We know Apple will show off new iOS and OS X features at WWDC 2014, but what else has the company got up its sleeve?

According to reports from 9To5Mac, Apple is planning to use its WWDC 2014 keynote to focus on OS 10.10, though we hardly think it'll talk about it for the whole two hours.

WWDC keynote rumours: iOS 8
That's why we think iOS 8 is going to get some decent airtime, too. Apple gave iOS a huge redesign with iOS 7, so we're not expecting anything quite so drastic this year, but expect to see some tweaks and improvements that are bound to be welcome. There's talk of a new 'Healthbook' app (remember we said Samsung is hosting a health-related event just days before?) which could well be related to the iWatch - Apple's rumoured smartwatch device. 

WWDC keynote rumours: Retina MacBook Air
We're expecting at least one piece of hardware to come out of WWDC 2014, and right now it's pretty much anyone's guess. However, based on Apple's launch history and the speculation that's flying around the web, one of the most likely candidates is a Retina MacBook Air.

Apple recently released an update to the MacBook Air, but that update didn't bring Retina to the lightweight notebook competitor. It's widely rumoured that Apple is planning on bringing a high-resolution display to the MacBook Air, so it's quite possible that a Retina model is in store for us next month.

WWDC keynote rumours: new Retina MacBook Pro
Apple's other MacBook line-up - the MacBook Pro range - could get an update too. Apple last launched new models in October, so it's not been too long since we got new MacBook Pros from Apple, but it's certainly possible that Apple will decide to update them with better specs next month. It could also be the last we see of the non-Retina MacBook Pro, which is rumoured to be about to get the chop from the Apple family.

WWDC keynote rumours: new Mac mini
The Mac mini seems to have been a bit neglected over the past few years. The Mac mini hasn't been updated since October 2012, and that's led to talk about plans to discontinue to tiny desktop computer. Perhaps WWDC 2014 will see an update to the Mac mini at last, though rumours about such announcement have been scarce.

WWDC keynote rumours: iWatch
With the rumours of the iOS 8 Healthbook app comes speculation that Apple will show off an iWatch alongside it. We know that Apple is working on new product categories, and a wearable device seems quite likely to be the mysterious device it's talking about, but we're not certain Apple will show it off in June.

The first reason for our doubt about the iWatch is the iPhone - we think the iWatch will work closely with the iPhone 6, so Apple will probably host a separate event in September or October to unveil both of those products (though there are actually some people predicting the iPhone 6's arrival in June - more on that in a minute).


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