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Origin Red BlackWidow Ultimate review: Great for typing as well as gaming

Hayden Dingman | June 12, 2014
Razer fans who love everything about the company's keyboards apart from their eye-watering green-and-black color schemes are in luck. The company recently partnered with boutique PC builder Origin to offer a custom-branded edition of its popular Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard.

One other note: The larger keys do not feel like MX Blues. This is a fairly common practice — one set of switches used for most of the board, and then a different (normally more resistant) type used for the elongated keys, including the Space Bar, Delete, and Enter. Whatever Origin and Razer used, though, it's loud. I tested it versus a nearby all-Blues WASD board and there's a significant increase in volume when hitting any of the BlackWidow's longer keys. That's a big deal, considering that MX Blues are already some of the loudest keys around.

As with any quality keyboard, Origin's BlackWidow features a braided cable sheath, but this one joins to the keyboard in a hard rubber joint, which makes me worried about durability. The keyboard has microphone, headset, and USB pass-throughs on its right-hand side.

Aside from those quibbles, the partnership between Razer and Origin has resulted in a keyboard that's every bit as competent as Razer's own offering — more so, if you're enamored with Cherry MX Blues. Just spare your coworkers' ears and use this baby at home and not in your cubicle.


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