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Netflix-Verizon dispute is a rerun of other digital content feuds

James Careless | June 10, 2014
A pair of programming providers get into a very public spat about who's to blame over the substandard service subscribers are receiving. Fingers are pointed. Threats are made. And at the heart of the dispute is little more than cold, hard cash.

"But what about the technical question of who's responsible?" the geekiest of you may ask.

The answer: Ultimately, they all are. If Netflix, Verizon, and Comcast were first and foremost concerned with delivering a top-notch streaming experience above all else, they'd probably be working to make it happen — not throwing sanctimoniously-worded temper tantrums blaming each other.

But that's what happens when big money is at stake. As '80s pop rocker Darryl Hall once sang during a brief foray into the musical avant-garde, "Sooner or later it's a matter of money/Then it's just a matter of time."


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