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Sophos CEO, Kris Hagerman, on the channel, and a world of Cloud-based security

Allan Swann | May 26, 2014
Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman has overseen a year of super growth, which he claims is due to a new Cloud management platform, a channel first distribution model and the stumbling of the big security players.

So how are you differentiating Sophos in what is a very tough security market at the moment?

The fundamental thing that differentiates us that we have this focus on what I call a complete security portfolio: we want to make security simple. The idea is to take the complex ideas in security and deliver them in a set of products, that are simple, easy to use and easy to deploy.

That alone is quite different to our competitors: many of them focus on larger enterprise, who want complex dashboards and the ability to drill down into every detail.

Our market is mid-market, SMBs and SMEs, and what we call 'the pragmatic enterprise'.

These kinds of enterprises don't have an army of IT experts on their staff, they can't afford them, they don't want them and quite frankly they don't want a bill for a set of third party IT experts either.

Our entire company is driving toward that single focused goal: To be the best in the world at delivering complete IT security to small and mid-market enterprises, and the channel that serves them. That clear, focused mission is what none of our competitors have.

This enables us to do things that our rivals can't do.

So explain some of these new products, and why you think they're so revolutionary.

We are the only vendor in the world that is building a single integrated cloud based management platform to drive our entire portfolio, Sophos Cloud. That is the fastest growing product in our history.

It reached $1m dollars in billings in a few months, and is now growing at 30 per cent a month.

It brings all the different security pieces together and integrates how they're managed. You can see them all in one place, manage them all in one place, and you can even manage them remotely, without having to send someone out onsite to all your branches or locations.

Another big project which we announced just this week, Project Galileo, is a real game changer. What it does, for the first time, is it uses our cloud based platform, not just to deliver UTM and endpoint, but it actually allows all those products to communicate with each other so you can deliver better security.

For example, take an advanced zero-day threat that no one's seen before. Say it makes it through all your different levels of protection from the end point, then it starts shooting off traffic, spreading the malware, that would be caught by the network device. Galileo can go back and look at that profile of the machine that is shooting off the traffic, and we can quarantine that machine using our endpoint, and force that machine off the network instantly.


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