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A jolly good cloud strategy

Nurdianah Md Nur | July 19, 2013
CIO of Jollibee Foods Corporation talks about the company’s strategy of moving its end-to-end process to the cloud. He also provides advice on how to make the cloud work well for other organisations.

With these systems on AWS, Matias' internal budget for Information Management has "stayed almost flat" for two years despite the fact that JFC was able to deploy over 6 times as what they normally could in terms of servers. He added AWS allowed the systems to be easily and quickly scaled (up or down) and that the deployment of systems to the cloud took only days.

JFC's partnership with AWS will not stop here. Matias said the next step is to have JFC's "ERP to run disaster recovery (DR) on AWS". By doing so, JFC's DR will be based on a pay-per-use model.

JFC is currently exploring AWS Tokyo region in Japan for DR. Versoza reasoned that the structure of the submarine communications cable there seems the most ideal — it may not be affected if an earthquake were to happen in the region. The DR is expected to go live in February 2014.

Words of advice
For organisations which are unfamiliar with the cloud but are tempted to jump on it (given its benefits), Matias provided the following advice:

  • Take advantage of free trials from the provider,
  • Try it hands-on with a trial or pilot,
  • Start with low-risk platforms,
  • Establish standard architectures to accelerate business adoption, and
  • Develop proficiency in cloud before investing.

 In terms of choosing the right cloud provider, Matias advised organisations to ensure that the cloud system offered:

  • offers multiple configuration options;
  • allows scalability — virtually unlimited capacity would be best;
  • true per hour utility billing system with competitive case rates;
  • offers advanced tools for data sync, security, planning, configuration and connectivity;
  • and provides good customer service and partnership.


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