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Kingston MobileLite Wireless: SD card reader for your iPad or iPhone

Jeff Carlson | June 13, 2014
Innovation often arises from limitations, and Apple has certainly inspired plenty of innovation from iOS developers and accessory makers. Case in point: dealing with limited storage. On the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you won't find an SD card slot or USB port to connect more storage, as are found on many Android and Windows-based devices.

Some other file types, such as PDFs and Microsoft Word files, can be read. For anything else, you can use the Open In convention of iOS to pass the file to a different app.

Data doesn't flow in just one direction, however. You can transfer files from your iOS device to the MobileLite Wireless, but the capability is limited to photos and videos from the Camera Roll. This is great for freeing up space on your iOS device (make sure you remember to transfer the files to your computer at some point), although pushing a lot of image files can take a while over Wi-Fi.

The last of the MobileLite Wireless tricks is "battery bank mode." Since the unit already includes an 1810 mAh 3.8V battery to power the Wi-Fi radio, Kingston made it possible to charge a device via USB. Battery bank mode isn't available while you're accessing storage wirelessly, so don't expect to charge your iPhone while streaming a movie. But it does help when the iPhone's power is getting low.

Bottom line

Kingston's MobileLite Wireless is an inexpensive way to access more storage than what comes with iOS devices. Letting you use SD cards and USB thumb drives of any capacity doesn't lock you into a fixed amount of storage. And the battery bank mode is a bonus when you need a quick battery boost.


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