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Top 10 technical SEO issues (and how to fix them)

James A. Martin | May 21, 2014
SEO experts share insights on the most common website technical issues that can negatively impact search rankings and offer advice on how to fix them.

Your Web hosting service could be part of your speed problem. "I'm a firm believer in paying for reliable, secure and fast hosting services," says SEO Zones Inc.'s Waller. "If you're doing the shared hosting thing, that is OK starting out. But if you grow or are a large organization, make the transition to a dedicated server. It gives you more control over all aspects of your website, which is what you want anyway."

9) Local Search and Structured Data Markup
If you aren't taking advantage of local search data or Structured Data Markup, you're missing big opportunities, Ewton says.

"Google recognizes local search intent better than ever, and sites that ensure they have a presence on all the local search data providers, such as Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, Bing and Yellow Pages, can see boosts in local searches within their immediate city scope."

"For local SEO, the most common issue I find with clients is with their location-specific Web pages," says Jason Squardo, executive vice president of optimization and founding member of ZOG Digital. "Many times, businesses don't have them at all. By creating a separate Web page for each location, businesses can more effectively leverage local SEO, which is geared toward providing local results to consumers looking for information about local businesses specifically. This is also becoming more important as the number of mobile-device searches continues to increase."

Taking advantage of Structured Data Markup can help your site's search results through "rich snippets." An example of Structured Data Markup at work could be a list of upcoming events at a nightclub, positioned directly underneath the main search result listing for that nightclub. Though rich snippets and Structured Data Markup may not affect search result rankings, they can help improve clickthrough rates, according to Korneitchouk.

10) Too Much Flash
Though Flash is less common on today's websites, it's still around — and it can still hinder search engine robots that are trying to index your site's content.

"If the search engine bots can't read or understand your website, they'll have a hard time trying to figure out what to rank it for," says Sameep Shah, founder of SimpleWebDesign. "The best advice for solving this is to not use Flash or to use it sparingly. There are technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript that can be used instead, and if you really need animation, consider using a video."


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