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Oh please no: Twitter experimenting with algorithms to surface 'important' tweets

Susie Ochs | May 30, 2014
Silly Twitter, that's what Facebook does. Here's why a publishing platform shouldn't act like a social network.

Measured approaches

Twitter is worried about its growth, a more important topic now that it's a public company. Twitter's recent behavior seems to suggest that it's decided that becoming more like Facebook will make it more accessible to newbies who might be confused by the RTs and MTs and @replies and hashtags. And maybe a more Facebookish way to read Twitter could work if it's opt-in or offered in a separate app experience. Facebook Paper, for example, dramatically changes News Feed's design while adding human-curated feeds of trending news items. But it's a separate app, so no one is forced to use it or abandon Facebook altogether.

Multiple apps could reach users who want different things without unnecessarily complicating or cluttering up the experience of classic Twitter--or, let's face it, ruin Twitter completely. If the company doesn't want to splinter users off into multiple apps, it should hide any kind of filtered experience in a separate tab or make it opt-in across the board or let us specify accounts from which we want to get everything.

Some of us like the firehose.


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