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All those videos you're watching will help triple Internet traffic, Cisco says

James Careless | June 11, 2014
Ever heard of a "zettabyte?" It's the same as 1,000 exabytes or, in more familiar terms, 1,099,511,627,776 gigabytes. By 2018, global IP traffic (fixed and mobile) will hit 1.6 zettabytes, Cisco claims in a new report--nearly three times the total traffic carried in 2013.

If Cisco is correct, our fast-paced digital life is about to be much faster, and much busier. So get used to zettabytes, and become familiar with "yottabytes," which are 1,000 zettabytes in size. Given the way IP traffic is growing, we'll hit the yottabytes stage in our lifetimes.

Those of us who remember when having a 20 megabyte hard drive was the epitome of cool? We'd be wise to shut up about it from now on.


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