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The Changing Value of Data

Mark Bentkower, Director of Enterprise Solutions Asia Pacific, CommVault Systems | July 9, 2014
Knowing the value of data that is being gathered before storing it can have a significant impact on storage utilization, recovery objectives and underlying costs for organizations.

Data classification is the first critical step in placing the right data into the appropriate type of storage tiers. Having this in mind, organizations can effectively determine what route to take, whether building on premise solutions, moving to the cloud, or opting for a combination of the two.

Organizations must be able to make information identifiable and available at any time to satisfy internal and external requests, or face financial and legal consequences. It is more important now than ever for companies to have a well thought-out data lifecycle management strategy. It is critical for organizations to understand the business value of data before defining the storage strategy.

Successful organizations partner with their IT departments to develop a tiered storage approach. This enables IT to break down the organization's storage requirements into digestible and manageable pieces. The objective is to match the data's relative value to a particular tier, placing more recent or valuable storage on the faster performing storage, while relegating the older, less critical or infrequently accessed data to less expensive storage. There is an opportunity for organizations to save on storage by only using the fastest storage for data that is actively used by the companies, and utilize less expensive platforms, such as the cloud, to store archival or backup data.

The result should be a mixture of good corporate policy, properly sized and tiered physical and cloud storage, and a comprehensive data management system to tie all of it together in an automated and auditable solution.


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