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The third time is not the charm: 3 ways the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 still fails

Frederic Paul | May 26, 2014
Microsoft's third try at creating a laptop-replacement tablet is better, but still has three big problems.

It may seem like an arbitrary distinction, but it's not. The increasing popularity of phabletsshows that it's actually a fundamental disconnect. And it means that when using a Surface device as a tablet, it's really a crippled laptop, rather than a big, easy-to-use smartphone. The Surface Pro 3's lack of mobile broadband connectivity simply reinforces the point.

Ultimately, it doesn't make sense to have a combination laptop and tablet unless both parts work well. Even if the Surface Pro 3 is a decent laptop replacement, it also needs to be a good tablet to justify its hefty price tag.

And the jury is still out on that score.

Source: Network World


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